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Kentucky Political News

Kentucky Equality Federation joins Red States in “Friend of the Court” brief to the U.S. Supreme Court

Statewide organizations whose citizens vote Republican (or red) in presidential and Congressional elections made a push today for marriage equality by filing an amicus brief which the United States Supreme ...

Gay rights leader personally pushes State House races

On this personal website, Jordan Palmer, president of the Kentucky Equality Federation issued the following statement, raising several wonderful points. One thing Palmer made clear however was that these are ...

Historic clashes with Kentucky gay rights organizations over for Senate President Williams as he leaves the Senate

Gay rights organizations in Kentucky can breathe a sigh of relief as Senate President David L. Williams (R) leaves office, months after Williams announced that he and his wife are ...

Kentucky Equality Federation responds to the Kevin Pennington hate crime verdict

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer made the rounds with local and national news today, often speaking with one of their attorneys, Jill Hall Rose, founder and president of the ...

Louisville Fairness Campaign snubs openly gay candidate in primary election

The Louisville Fairness Campaign's Political Action Committee snubbed former Jefferson County Judge/Executive candidate Curtis Morrison in his latest campaign, the Kentucky Senate. Curtis Morrison, an openly gay candidate was snubbed ...

Indictments on gay federal hate crime thanks to Kentucky Equality Federation; Kentucky is the first in the nation to use the federal law

April 12, 2012 will forever be a day to remember in the history of the gay and lesbian community especially for Kentuckians. Two Eastern Kentucky men are the first in the nation to be ...

Secretary Grayson resigns; Governor Beshear appoints Bowling Green Mayor to replace him

The Kentucky Department of State is without a representative elected by the people with Secretary Trey Grayson submitting his resignation to Governor Steve Beshear on Friday.  Grayson lost Kentucky's Republican ...

With Republican and Tea Party victories, the gay community will suffer

The 2010 election has set the gay rights movement back, possibly for a long time.  The Washington Post reported that the tea party celebrated decisive victories on Tuesday night, proving ...

Election 2010 to be determined by independent voters with angry gay voters and talks of violence and secession

According to various sources, the election on November 02, 2010 will be determined by independent voters. Last week, a Republican House candidate from Dallas suggested on television that an armed overthrow ...

Kentucky lawmakers, the Governor, and Attorney General demand the protection of God in Homeland Security

When the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security (now the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security) was established, Representative Tom Riner (D-Louisville) had legislation passed that stated the security of the Commonwealth ...

November election uncertain and lawmakers are reluctant to prefile bills

As the November 2nd election gets closer people across Kentucky and the nation are wondering what direction the Commonwealth and our union would go. With public corruption in Kentucky at an ...

Rand Paul draws fire from the National Tea Party

Kentucky's Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Rand Paul's opponent isn't the only one who thinks Paul compromised his stance against business as usual in Washington, D.C., by taking campaign cash at ...

Equality Leader Jordan Palmer Named to Honorable Order

Being named a member of the Honorable Kentucky Order of Colonels is akin to receiving a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. It is an honorary title bestowed upon those who do great service for the community. Jordan Palmer, head of the LGBT group Kentucky Equality Federation, has been named to this Order by Governor Steve Beshear.

Vicco controversy and Gray Television’s biased newscasts

A controversy erupted in Vicco with their new equality ordinance as reported by WYMT-57 Mountain News or rather its owner, Gray Television who also happens to own WKYT-27 Newsfirst and WBKO-Stay Connected.

Berea Mayor protects city employees from gay discrimination

Berea Mayor Steve Connelly announced this week that he will sign an executive order banning discrimination based on actual or perceived sexual orientation in hiring, firing and benefits for the city’s 130 employees.

Hawaii Governor to make a decision soon on gay marriage

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie said Friday he intends to make a decision soon on whether to call lawmakers into special session to consider legalizing gay marriage. If Hawaii passes a law, it would join 13 U.S. states and the District of Columbia in allowing gay marriage. Hawaii already allows same-sex civil unions.

Kentucky Equality Federation joins Red States in “Friend of the Court” brief to the U.S. Supreme Court

Statewide organizations whose citizens vote Republican (or red) in presidential and Congressional elections made a push today for marriage equality by filing an amicus brief which the United States Supreme Court which is currently scheduled to hold hearings on, and rule on the U.S. Defense of Marriage Act which prevents federal recognition of gay marriages on a federal level as well as California Proposition 8. Kentucky Equality Federation is representing the citizens of the commonwealth of Kentucky.

New York Republicans who voted for gay marriage paid a high price

As four Republican state senators, one by one, agreed to break with their party and cast a politically risky vote to legalize same-sex marriage last year, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and gay-rights advocates vowed to do everything in their power to protect them against political retribution. But when the Legislature returns to Albany next month, only one of those four senators will be among those sworn into office.

Obama briefly meets with Russian LGBT activists

Two activists were among a group of nine Russian civil society members Obama briefly met before leaving Russia on Friday. They asked the US president to take a tougher stance on rights violations in the Russian Federation. Much of the rhetoric surrounding the law and other anti-gay initiatives refers to the need to protect Russia from western trends such as legalization of same-sex unions.

UN Human Rights Office launches global campaign for LGBT equality

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Friday launched Free & Equal, an unprecedented global public education campaign for LGBT equality. “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights promises a world in which everyone is born free and equal in dignity and rights – no exceptions, no-one left behind,” Pillay said. “Yet it’s still a hollow promise for many millions of LGBT people forced to confront hatred, intolerance, violence and discrimination on a daily basis.”

Will Smith slaps journalist who tries to kiss him

Will Smith slaps journalist who tries to kiss him. “C’mon man, what the hell is your problem buddy?” Smith said as he pushed Serdiuk away and slapped him lightly across the cheek with the back of his left hand. “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him,” Smith said to the crowd of journalists and fans. “Oh, I said that on camera. It’s all good.”

Catholic pastor: Gay marriage simply can’t happen

While several Seattle Catholic parishes have oped out of the anti-same-sex marriage campaign, a Kirkland pastor said Sunday that marriage was “created and defined by God” and that Gay marriage “is simply not possible.”

A Morning Bainwashing

If yesterday’s story scared you, these headlines are nothing short of crazy. As the election nears, you can expect more and more of the same!

Viewpoint: Louisville Tea Party is not anti-gay? We disagree!

A Louisville Tea Party supporter continues to flood us with emails stating the Louisville Tea Party is not anti-gay as previously reported. The Tea Party movement is no doubt as diverse as the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian parties, each have anti-gay segments among their ranks.